A piece I've been noodling on a bit. The idea was based on the Norse goddess Freyja, but I wanted to put her in a 1930's inspired setting.. which turned a bit sci-fi.  Designing the car was a challenge as I really never do anything industrial, and it was pretty strictly based off of a 1930s Mercedes.

While working on this piece, I was thinking a lot about what inspires us to work, because I was very off and on inspired by this piece- which really has been a conundrum with art in general.  I think I've always gotten a bit of drive just from the act of painting itself and out of trying to please whoever is commissioning the piece- but at the same time a lot of that is tied in with if I think the project is worth-while (the paycheck, while important, isn't as important as the emotional investment in the idea. I think that is part of why we will do personal work for free, but will not work underpaid or for free for someone else and actually find it insulting beyond the obvious 'cant put food on the table with no income').  

I think sometimes ideas are inspiring just because of the novelty of them (hot fantasy babe, the "coolness" factor of an object or a hero), but there are also times I wish for some subtlety- for secondary meanings or information left unsaid.

I tired while working on this because it didn't hold a lot of emotional investment to me, so I decided to leave it where it is and search out some new ideas.

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