Fate- Process

Here's my most recent piece, "Fate."

I recently purchased a lightly used Cintiq for home use, so I've been painting a little more. I still find only have 2 hr chunks each evening difficult, but hopefully with time I will learn to be more focused with my free time and speed up the pace.

This piece is based off of one of the gods in a story I am working on. The basic idea behind it is that these gods are primarily just pure being, and so are essentially devoid of thought. In essence, it is humans who give them shape and motivations in their own minds. From time to time, humans will "encounter" one of these beings in their wandering of the world and through space travel, and the being will manifest itself in that human's mind. If the human is strong or wise enough, they will be able to at least partially understand the essential nature of that god, and because of that, they often become deemed as prophets. (Don't worry if that  makes no sense, I'm still working it out!)

I was initially going to have this god hovering over a planet with a map on it. In the end, the rest of the pantheon would also hover around the planet (sort of like spokes on a wheel). However, I really wanted to finish the piece, so I substituted a nebula until I get the planet's map formed properly.

And a close-up:

Here's a walk-through of my process:

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