Moth Eater

New piece! Yay!

This one was started for the Color and Light class on cgma. I was lucky enough to take it this summer.

The other news I have is not so fun.

I was laid off from my job as a concept artist at Turbine last week. Which is a bummer because after three years I think I was actually getting used to the concept of people.

If you are looking for a concept artist (I am willing to move for a full-time position), or need a contract artist or freelance, please email me and be sure to take a look at my website. I happily do both characters, environments, props,etc.

Also, if you are not looking for a concept artist, but are looking for 3d, VFX, animation, producers... please let me know and I can also try to hook you up with those people as well. Turbine let go a lot of people.

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