Jasmine silver needle- and prints!

I made some edits to an old piece. Wanted to add a border, as I felt it would make it feel better as a stand-alone image.

I had pretty good intentions on finishing a series of these ladies- all based on types of tea (this one in particular is "Jasmine Silver Needle"). But my interest in it has been very off and on. I think they are cute, but I also feel the appeal of them is to a younger audience- for some reason I envision them as something young girls between 12 and 16 would like (because essentially this is what I drew at that age), and grandmas. I could be wrong though. Is this a series that you, my viewers, would like to see more of? Perhaps as a group these paintings would feel less geared towards that age bracket however. At the moment I am seeing plain black tea as having a south-western vibe, and that is definitely not a thing I was into as an adolescent.

Also, I recently put a few pieces up on InPrnt for sale as prints. If you've ever wanted to own a print of my work, now is your chance! I'll post some more artwork soon.

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